* Coffee Bean Harvest

 Welcome to the Volcano Coffee Company coffee bean harvest home page, your source for current Company-Confidential information about our bean crops and related projections.

Spring Crop Harvest
Field March April May
A 947 Bushels
1118 Bushels
1592 Bushels
B 1232 Bushels
1891 Bushels
1961 Bushels
J 1641 Bushels
2260 Bushels
2514 Bushels
TOTAL 3820 Bushels
5269 Bushels
6067 Bushels

The late rains of this year kept the coffee bean yield low in March, but it quickly rebounded in April and May. Other factors contributed to the low yield, including the lack of enough workers to pick the fields.

Preliminary projections for the Summer quarter show an increased yield over the Spring, primarily due to the weather shift of this year. Should you need more detailed projection data for your distributors, please telephone me at extension 62488.

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