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Sweet yet bold, delicate yet energetic, Volcano Coffee wakes up your mouth and beckons your spirit to understand the world a little differently. Our coffee is even more delightful when served in a colorful mug or coffee cup, created by our local artists. The Volcano Coffee Company is committed to helping the Mo'a Mana promote their native crafts, worldwide.

Gift Basket Decadent Gift Basket
#VCC24 $45.00 ea.
This exquisite gift basket satisfies coffee and chocolate lover alike. The basket contains a trio of our finest volcano blends and and a generous supply of white and dark chocolate candies. An abundance of chocolate-covered espresso beans complete this delicious basket.
Coffee Mug Coffee Mug
#VCC23 $25.00 ea.
Another Volcano Coffee Exclusive, this beautiful coffee mug was designed by contemporary Mo'a mana artisan, Kiki Cua. Reflecting the colorful surroundings of her native island, this delightful mug is one of four that will be offered this season.
Coffee Special Blend
#VCC25 $8.95/lb.
Take home a pound of our Winter Kona Blend. Erupting with flavor, this full-bodied, French roast is marked by a deep caramel color and slighlty smoky flavor. Winter Kona is especially tasty on a cold winter morning when starting the day demands a special cup of coffee.